To Do Lists often Don’t!

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Time management and life management are quite a challenge these days. Though I believe in making lists, especially while goal setting, if I had to make these daily for the tasks I need to accomplish, I would spend more time making lists than actually living. Let’s see, what I would have to write down daily/weekly: exercise/gym, read 15-30 mins of inspiration, work 8:30-4:30 (with a whole lot of appointments in there!), work on my business in the evenings, write blogs and articles to be published, tie some flies (each night), toastmasters, cleaning, grocery store, email responses, facebook and social media posts (self-promotion is necessary), balance bizness books, ebay sales (flyfishing and books), stretch daily and go to chiropractor appointments, visit my nephew/family/friends weekly…and the list goes on. Not only that, but I do not have kids and I do not watch tv…and I did not include any speaking engagements! Time management and to do lists are OK but if you want a real focus on a new life habit, call it Life Management.

Here are a few ideas for a new system:
1. Everything in balance, as much as possible (to much list making can be hazardous to your health!)
2. Major in majors – get rid of TV; only put your top 3-5 daily things that you MUST do on a list.
3. Focus on your BIG end results and what you want.
4. Think of WHY you want the results you want (new career, new house, better relationship…). Purpose is a powerful motivator and the engine that will drive you to achieve and feel fulfilled.
5. Think daily, of your big life goals and dreams (visualize these when you wake up and when you go to bed) and why you want them: what will they really do for you and “your world”? Use reasons and purpose as a major motivator to drive you forward to attract and catch what you want.

When you focus daily on the majors and why you want them, the small daily actions will take care of themselves, list or no list. Go fishing now, with a new approach: less list making, but with more major items and stronger reasons of why you want what you want. Add an emotional daily touch to your thinking and watch what your new approach will catch.
Paul M. White
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